show: The Water brought us here

The story of Igbo Landing is about a group of enslaved Africans who were stolen by ship from the Nigerian region, and brought to Georgia. The captives rebelled. According to the liberation story, upon landing, the Africans declared, "The Water Spirit brought us here, the Water Spirit will take us home." Defiantly, choosing death over enslavement, they walked into the water, trusting that their African god Chukwu would bring their spirits back to the Motherland.

Through water themed folk and original stories, poetry, prose, and music, legendary artists Abiodun Oyewole, Luisah Teish, Baba Sule Greg Wilson, Felipe Luciano, Herbert Harris, and Queen Mother Imakhu - all the last generation to witness Jim Crow - share the tenacity, hope, and wisdom as African people of the water. A unique stage show that will uplift and educate audiences of all ages.

PelorinhoAbiodun Oyewole
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Jordan RiverQueen Mother Imakhu
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