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Queen Mother Imakhu: Renegade Wise Woman
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Queen Mother Imakhu, is a veteran working artist, a music teacher, motivational speaker, multimedia producer, a certified yoga instructor, art/spiritual event coordinator an ordained Interfaith minister, an initiated Shenu-Khametic High Priestess, an initiated Bantu water healer, and an ordained healing minister. Above all, this Afrohemian Renaissance Woman, mother to two adult children, is an inspiration.

Queen Mother Imakhu's gift is in utilizing art as the vehicle to help people courageously reach higher, dig deeper, and embrace their uniqueness. As a cultural educator, Queen Mother teaches the importance of reclaiming ancestral/family indigenous cultural practices, yet advancing traditions to fit today's world. Her family roots in Mende, Gullah Geechee, Lumbee, and Caribbean cultures have shaped her own personal identity. Queen Mother Imakhu's proud lineage includes her maternal ancestor, Billy Artis, who fought in the Nat Turner Uprising, her father, the late Tommie J. Lloyd, first African American American accepted into the New Jersey Tool & Die Association, former South Carolinian Congressman George Washington Murray, former enslaved African who was the only African American Congressman serving during the 53rd and 54th congresses, and her living relative, her paternal cousin James Clyburn, current South Carolina Congressman. Her North Carolinian maternal grandparents, Walter & Selma Whitley, were hardworking sharecroppers who moved to New Jersey and became respected, self-made business people and property owners. They helped to raise Queen Mother. To this day, she credits her strong work ethic and entrepreneurial drive to them.

Queen Mother Imakhu was the first African American woman to have her own 24/7 Black Consciousness, public radio quality radio station, AKERU NU AFRAKAN NETWORK, formed through her company, AKERU MultiMedia, dedicated to creating positive cultural media and events for People of Color. AKERU MultiMedia has also been the vehicle for Queen Mother's podcasts (including the syndicated shows ASHE! and NUBIA GODDESS RISING), live video classes, music and meditation CDs, websites, digital art, and special events. She is currently producing her one woman show, "The Water Brought Me Here," and her multi-cast version, "The Water Brought Us Here," in which she is joined by legendary stage veterans and friends Abiodun Oyewole, Baba Sule Greg Wilson, Luisah Teish, Dr. Herbert Harris, and Felipe Luciano. As a lifelong professional artist respected for being a no-nonsense business woman, Queen Mother facilitates workshops that guide novice working artists into "The Business of Art."

Through AKERU MultiMedia, Queen Mother Imakhu also produces topical teaching videos that include Shenu-Khametic Restorative Yoga, motivational messages,  and soon-to-come African drumming and storytelling.


Her ministry, Shenu Art & Yoga Sanctuary, takes her Khametic (Ancient Egyptian) and New Thought metaphysical training to "The Next Level in New Thought." Sharing Khametic teachings from a place of love, compassion, high ethics, and activism, Queen Mother continues to evolve the Khametic spiritual movement forward, while maintaining the African culture and integrity.

Touring has brought Queen Mother Imakhu to diverse people and places. She's easily spotted in her white clothing that she wears daily for spiritual purposes. Whether through concerts, motivational speeches, yoga classes, counseling sessions, or business workshops, Queen Mother Imakhu's heart and humor touch everyone she encounters. Her familiar send-off is, "Mer Aa. Heri." (In Khametic language, "Much Love. Be at Peace.")

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