Baba Sule' Greg Wilson

Musician, Storyteller, Actor, Author,

Cultural Educator, Motivator, Yogi

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Baba ("Father", "Elder") Súle Greg C. Wilson, "an infectiously charismatic facilitator", creates for friends and clients a clean, clear, safe space to reflect, to release, and renew, as well as space for humble coaching to arrive, and begin to heal.

He's been on this path of Spirit and Power for over fifty years-- learning Elders' lore since childhood; attending church and temple, mosque and synagogue with family and friends; practicing mindfulness, movement, rhythm, and vision from many, many traditions.

Súle began his studies of natural healing and martial arts before the '70s, got married in 1981,  had six years of specialized spiritual training in the mid-'80s, and received national massage therapy certification in the '90s--all while participating in and learning from ceremonies of numerous faiths, lineages, and schools.  His book, The Drummer's Path: Moving the Spirit with Ritual and Traditional Drumming, was published in 1992.  His daughters came in 1998 and 1992.

An instinctive, intuitive--as well as trained--healer and coach, Súle uses multiple modalities to give people experiences and information to break through blockages and pain, be they physical, emotional, spiritual, social...or all of the above.

Baba Súle's here to hear, and help.


"The greatest gift we can give the world, is our best, whole selves." - Baba Sule Greg Wilson

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